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Well well! After what, just 6 years of putting these pages up, I finally got around to actually filling them with content! Now how's that for efficiency, eh? Better late than never :)

I am currently working on the Mono team, doing some really cool stuff in C# and C/C++. Most of the time I update my World of Coding blog whenever I have something to write about (or, more precisely, whenever I'm in the mood to actually write something up).

Here is the place for some longer articles, tutorials and the likes - the blog format is very cute, but I prefer something more organized. If you want to get in touch with me, just hit one of the "Hit me" linkage thingies on your left and replace out all the letters in CAPS with the appropriate thingies.


Mono on Cygwin Installation and Compilation Tutorial - A complete guide to getting and compiling mono under cygwin on Windows. For all of you out there banging your head against the wall, suffer no more!

A browser in 12 lines of code... can't get smaller than that :P

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